TOPIC: Grief. The Loss of a Family Member. The Loss of a Friend – Death, Loss and Depression

How many times have you heard this definition of grief?

Grief Forward Death, Loss and depression
Define Grief

Grief is a natural response to loss. It’s degrees varies depending on the sense of attachment you have for another person, an object or a thing.

 It is an inevitable part of life, something you can’t run away from because losing someone or some thing you love and hold dear is a fact of life.  To grieve over a loss is part of growing up….no matter the age.

In a sense, grief can even be said to be part of a healthy life.  If you were to face loss and heartache without feeling sadness or grief, this might actually point to a bigger problem.  The fact that you feel pain is necessary.  It allows you to acknowledge your heartache and points out that something is wrong and needs to be dealt with.

Image result for don't lose heart

So, don’t lose heart if you grieve. 

Every healthy human being grieves….

in their own way…

at their own time.



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