Grief, it’s a friend

…the recognition and direct experience of Being.

Mooji is the direct disciple of Sri Poonja (Papaji), a devotee of the advaita and non-dual master Ramana Maharshi.

He is a spiritual teacher originally from Jamaica.

Mooji brings the possibility of Self-realization into the here and now. His communication is simple, direct and immediate.

In this video, Mooji shares that when facing a difficult loss, it is perfectly normal to grieve and that the grieving process should be experienced …  far too often I agree, we are limited in our personal private moment of grief. Others mean well but stop and think. THINK: HAVE you or ARE you or BOTH, been stopped in your attempt of grief….whether by a rub on the shoulder, some consoling words like “it’s ok” or “lets get your mind off it” or “let’s take a walk”….etc. Those moments or gestures may be meant with the best intentions but I think it does MORE HARM then good. I can also look back to my youth and see how death was handled by my peers. I had too many instances where the honest, raw, nauseating and confusing – ness of grief was like the plague…everyone tried to ignore it. Well, I can tell you that it does NOT help and it doesn’t make it go away any sooner or faster, especially if you don’t meet it heads on and take away some of it’s prejudice-less power.

Did you think of any time where your grief was stuffed…interrupted? and how was grief handled in your upbringing. Did it play a significant role in how you handle grief as an adult or how you help someone else who is in the process???

I would REALLY like some feedback on this topic. Sharing your experience..story..may benefit another GF friend. (In comments please) 


#Mooji  #GriefIsAFriend  #FeelIt #Let it out



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