Sometimes I Wish

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After loss I found, and still do find it difficult to remember something that made me “FEEL” good, let alone wanting to feel it a second time.

I believe it necessary to reflect on something or a feeling that made you smile or wonder. Allowing this does not lessen your loss or your feelings for who has passed, it is a nugget of self love. It’s o.k. too feel good. Its okay to wish you could go back. It adds to our resilience, our character. It brings us back when we are feeling a loss of self.

In fact, to be honest, Joey and my life and who I was with him and because of him are ALL things I’d love to go back and feel again. But I now also try to “feel” those happy memories I had prior to Joey…like my youth. Remembering me.

I know Joey lives in my heart and I get to “feel’ that beat EVERY day.

Would you share something, even just ONE something you would like to “feel twice” if you could go back… any period of your life?



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