TOPIC: Reflect-Process-Grow SUB-TOPIC: Finding you after loss


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~” Sometimes you have to lose who you were to find out who you are.”

Finish the following sentence with whatever words you feel are applicable: I am _______________, I am also a/ an _______________, as well as a/ an _______________ and a/ an _______________. Look at the statements you completed. How did you identify yourself in the past? Did you base your identity on the relationships you have in your life, or by your job/ occupation, or by a group( s) you are/ were a member of, or an identity you have carried around with you since childhood?

Each of us has many identities, and even more roles we fill throughout the course of any given day. These identities help us to shape our personalities, thoughts and reactions so that we feel connected to our world and those people that we choose to share it with.




Now, look over the list you created from the sentence you completed. Journal on what would happen if you suddenly lost all the identities you so closely associate yourself with. Acknowledging these losses and processing through your thoughts and emotions as you try to adjust is a necessary step for you to move toward your new life.



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