TOPIC: Reflect, Process, Grow SUB-TOPIC: “Never again” decisions


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‘…..You should never let your your fears become the boundaries of your dreams.’

“Never again” decisions come from unjustly blaming ourselves for not being prepared. We put up our guard and fend off any potential risk for future pain and loss. ¬†Sometimes these resolutions are unconscious and make our lives more difficult and emotionless as we tend to look for other situations and people as being the cause of our discomfort.

The pressure to avoid and control any potential for pain creates moments of intense anger and fear and ultimately leads to sadness and isolation.

TAKE A STEP: creative-staircase-designs-thumb290

Make a list of those ‘never again’ statements that you created shortly after your loss. After each one, express how each of these has limited your ability to reach out and truly connect with others.


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