Close your eyes for a Moment



If you could go back in time to relive a special holiday, which one would you choose?   Close your eyes for a moment and think about this holiday. Now, slowly, walk through this memory in your mind.   What made it so special? What were the surroundings like? What touch sensations do you recall? What sounds can you remember? What smells laced the air? Are there certain tastes you associate with this particular holiday?

…when someone loved dies, the holidays can be so painful

Who inhabits this memory with you? Can you picture him? Can you hear her speak? What are your feelings for this person, for this day?   Holidays have such rich associations for us because humankind created them as a way to honor and celebrate that which is truly important. We step out of the hustle and bustle of our day-to-day routines and into a world where our spiritual beliefs and connection to others matter above all else. We give pause to give thanks, and we share of ourselves.   As the Grinch learned that memorable Christmas, the holidays don’t really come from a store— they come from the heart and soul.   Which is why, when someone loved dies, the holidays can be so very painful. The heart of the holidays has been torn

Image result for heart torn apart abstract

apart. Without love, what is life? Without the people we love, what are the holidays?   I want you to know that you can find continued meaning in the holidays and in life. You can continue to live and love fully. You must grieve but you can also celebrate.





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