Holidays and Grief. The EXPECTATIONS they Bring

Why are the holidays so hard sometimes?  The answer is simple:



We have our own expectations — unspoken plans and desires roaming in our heads about how things should be. Our expectations often come from the good experiences and fond memories of the past.

We have near perfect moments back there when all seemed right with us and the world.  It’s only natural to want to recreate that again.

On top of all this, holidays automatically remind us of loved ones we’ve lost.

Some of Griefs Truths and Tools:


………….You can do it. I Believe in you.


Definition of expectation:

  1. 1:  the act or state of expecting :  anticipation <in expectation of what would happen>

  2. 2a :  something expected <not up to expectations><expectations for an economic recovery>b :  basis for expecting :  assurance <they have every expectation of success>c :  prospects of inheritance —usually used in plural

  3. 3:  the state of being expected

  4. 4a :  expectancy 2bb :  expected value


play \-ˈtā-shə-nəl, -shnəl\adjective

****First known use of  EXPECTATION:  1540****



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