TOPIC: Grief’s affect on Relationships



Grief affects relationships.  For those grieving, this can be scary, even frightening.       Some people disappear. Others draw closer. New people come into the picture.

                                   All this change can be overwhelming


….And not just the relationships with others. What about the
relationship with self?
I came across this writing, “From My Grieving Heart, which is written from a person who has suffered the loss and whom they have the relationship(s) with.
Again, my topic is the effects that grief has on relationships.



I read this letter when I was new in my grief and at the time it didn’t
make sense to me. Until now. NOW I apply it to the relationship I have with ME!  “The happy, in love, big plans of growing old with Joey” me and the now “upside down  stranger who wants and needs herself to be patient and accepting of who she is becoming” me.

THAT relationship has been affected MOST by grief.  If I can’t be patient with myself while grieving, then how can I know that others are not being patient,….
let alone, ask them to be.
#Grief #PatienceWhileGrieving #HowGriefAffectsRelationships


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