Recovery CAN occur

There are many ways that people can learn to cope with grief in their lives, including the following:


  • Join a support group. Seek out others who have experienced a similar loss and share your grief. It helps form bonds that can ease the pain.
  • Seek solace within one’s faith. Those who practice a religion or faith can often find strength by growing stronger in their spiritual life.
  • Face feelings of loss. Do not negate one’s feelings. Everyone has a right to feel a loss deeply. If the loss isn’t felt, healing cannot begin.
  • Seek professional help. Counselors and other professionals can help the grieving cope and move on to the next stage of life.
  • Take care of personal health needs. Exercise helps people cope. Healthy bodies are often linked to healthy minds.

These are some of the most common ways to deal with grief. It is important to seek the path that is best suited for every individual so that recovery can occur.



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