Moving On vs Healing

Sometimes, it’s hard to distinguish between moving on and healing.  We convince ourselves that if we heal, it means we are moving on.  That is a lie, that so many of us fall into, and that we should never, ever believe.  Healing is necessary, healing is important in order to continue to live.  Healing is vital.  And healing is not the same as moving on.

images (2)

Healing means we have accepted our circumstances, despite the fact that we will never be okay with them.  Healing means we allow ourselves to feel, but we do not choose to live in a constant state of despair.

Healing means we learn to live again, but we never forget.  Healing doesn’t mean we will never experience side effect or pain of what we have gone through.  Healing doesn’t mean there aren’t scars.  Healing doesn’t mean we won’t feel anymore.


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