International Widows Day June 23rd

**I hope you would read and that you would follow through with and share with others.**

June 23

has been slated as the “official” International Widows Day 20120623-115432

Recognized around the world by the United Nations!

How nice is this to be here during this time in society where there is recognition for a part of the population that is over looked, rejected, looked down up, etc.

Not wonderful that we have to lose our beloveds but nice that there is a day of recognition for those who are suffering this loss and all the secondary losses that go with losing your beloved.

Granted our losses are all unique and our journeys are different, widows in other areas of the world such as Africa, India, etc have different hardships than those in North America, Europe, etc.International-Widows-Day

But It is our time as widows and widowers to share with the world our stories and plight, regardless of where we are.


“We must recognize the important contribution of widows, and we must ensure that they enjoy the rights and social protections they deserve. Death is inevitable, but we can reduce the suffering that widows endure by raising their status and helping them in their hour of need….”


Several facebook “events” have been created within the widowed community to symbolize this date, as are various widowed organizations and online communities are doing things for this date as well.

One of the events is called “Thank a Widow Today In Honor of International Widows Day”.

You don’t have to do anything huge or special, just a simple hug, little note, or let them know in some way that you love them, care about them, are thinking about them and that they are not alone.

If you feel led to help them in some way or want to serve them. Remember to be detailed or specific in your actions.

(For example if they are recently widowed and you would like to bring them a meal, ask them if it is ok for you to bring them a meal. Don’t say “let me know what I can do”, or “let me know if I can do anything.”)

Be specific in how you would like to serve and love them.


International Widows Day is a United Nations ratified day of action to address and give special attention to the situation of widows and their children.


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